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Peacock Gin Glasses - Boxed Set 2

Peacock Gin Glasses - Boxed Set 2

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Peacock has a fantastically unique look with a beautiful detailed peacock feather design on the exterior of the glass, where the colour gradiates from emerald green to a rich turquoise. This is complimented by the mirrored electroplated interior which reflects the feathered pattern within

  • Stunningly designed electro-plated glass which is plated with silver inside and on the outside the colour changes from turquoise to metallic blue!
  • Thanks to its size, there’s plenty of room for ice & garnishes, as well as plenty of gin, whilst the stem enables you to hold your drink without warming up the bowl
  • Decorated with Peacock Feather all the way around the bowl of the glass
  • Mouth Blown
  • Not dishwasher safe

    115 × 115 × 220 mm


    70 cl





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