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SBC Propolis Moisturising Skincare Gel

SBC Propolis Moisturising Skincare Gel

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Propolis is created and used by honeybees to seal and protect their hive, and translates to ‘Defender of the city’ in Greek and is used in skincare as provides similar protective benefits. This caring skincare gel is infused with natural Propolis to care for your skin and nurture stressed or sensitive skin. The light weight, water-based gel absorbs effortlessly into the skin for instant soothing hydration, and can be used on the face and entire body. Recommended for all skin types, including skin with minor complaints and is beneficial for sensitive skin.

Study Results:

  • 100% noticed their skin was less dry and flaky
  • 100% felt that the product helps retain a healthier-looking complexion
  • 100% felt the condition of their skin appeared improved
  • 100% reported that they would recommend to a friend

Results from a perception study of 120 consumers

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